5 Fashion Must-Haves for New Years


Do you have the 5 must-haves for the New Year?

Check your list! With the holidays coming up, picking an outfit can be overwhelming. Here are some fashion tips that’ll make your life easier.

#5 is the most important one.

1. A Sparkly Item

Here’s your time to bust out that sequence dress or glittery top that you’ve had in your closet. If you don’t have one, get one. New Years is that time to be the star of the show and boom with the fireworks.

Don’t over-do the sparkle, you aren’t a Christmas tree. Not everything that you wear should be sparkling. Pick ONE item that is your favorite and go with that. It could even be a piece of jewelry.

2. Layers, layers, layers

You’re reading an article from Honey Butter Company’s Mind & Body Connection, your mind and body are connected through layers. Bring those layers you have inside of you out to make that fashion statement. Think onion (but cute).

Layer it up with see-through items, a scarf, tights under a skirt. Layers make the statement of “I actually thought about what I’m wearing,” which comes off as put-together (whether you are or not).

3. Outerwear with a Statement

Let’s face it, you probably won’t be keeping your outwear on all night. However, it does bring some “eyes on you” time when you arrive and can give you a fabulous exit.

Instead of a coat that you’ll most likely be taking off, try a statement scarf. This could be a scarf with a distinguished pattern, an extra squishy, comfy looking scarf or it could be a faux fur scarf.

If you do decide to go with a coat or jacket, try a motorcycle jacket or a long coat. Leather jackets give off a bad girl, but respectable look as long as you pair it up correctly. A long coat entrance and exit can make that special someone wonder “what’s under there?”

4. A New Piece

A new piece of jewelry, accessory or clothing is for you to remind yourself that the New Year brings a fresh start. Make that piece a symbolic reminder throughout the night that you are worth it, that the challenges you face are temporary, that you are not alone…

Every year, I make it a point to get a new ring from Faithfully Mine. They have a limited supply of symbolic rings that have substantial meaning.

The ring of choice this year was from their Ascenti Collection, which symbolizes peace. Every time I see my hand, it’s a little law of attraction reminder for me that I’m attracting peace through the year.

5. Intelligence

This is your most important must-have. You’ve heard it. Intelligence is the new sexy. By growth and personal development, you raise your vibration and your frequency. People are attracted to those with raised vibrations.

A simple example that you may have experience of this is the difference between being around someone that is negative and someone that is positive. After being around someone negative, you start to feel drained. Stay away from those energy vampires that try to lower your vibration. After being around a positive person, you get that feeling of wanting to be associated with them more.

How do I raise my vibration and frequency? Good question. There are many practices that you can do. Here’s one of my favorites. Our good friend, Eddie Sergey, has a FREE 7-minute audio download. It’s designed to give you a quick break and raise your energy. His story is an interesting one, so if you have a chance to watch his video on his story, do it.

Download your FREE 7-minute audio here now.

Intelligent and stunning, who could resist? Raising your vibration and frequency is like working a muscle; keep at it. Stay tuned for more vibration-raising articles.


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Wishing you an epic end of the year and a fabulous start to 2018.
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