Shout Out To Perfectly Imperfect Moms


When it comes to motherhood, we all need help from our friends. Plus, in our digital age with with media pressures mounting, moms need each other now more than ever before.

Have you noticed how most things online are all about being the perfect mom with the perfect organization, meal prep, well coiffed kids, ridiculously amazing crafts, and a tidy home?

It’s daunting to compare this online image with the messy reality of being a mom. You look around the house to see dirty hand-prints on the wall, laundry piled high, goldfish in the couch cushions and oops, it’s past 5 and you have no idea what to cook for dinner.

It’s easy to feel like you’re failing at life and motherhood without a sanity check and some kudos from a fellow mom friend. We all get stressed and struggle and none of us is Pinterest perfect.

Don’t worry, if you didn’t shower today or get the grocery shopping done, you don’t suck at life! In fact, you’re pretty darn amazing!

Being a mother is an all too often thankless job. That’s why we moms need to support and buoy each other. When a mom boosts another mom, both women benefit. When we celebrate one another, we’re all lifted up.

There is something indescribably therapeutic about cheering on another perfectly imperfect mom. Giving kudos to a friend who is doing her best, albeit the kids are still in pajamas at 2 pm, is a way to fight unrealistic expectations. It also bonds you in camaraderie.

By shining a bright light on the positive attributes of other moms, you create a type of support network. Having a positive, encouraging network is an incredible gift for all women.

I would implore all moms to give props to other moms in their lives with a little shout out of recognition for how hard they’re working.

A new app coming soon to the iStore and Google Playstore, called Love Shout Out, will make giving a shout out to your momma friends easy and fun.

While the app won’t be available until May, it’s not too early to get in on the action.

To join the love tribe, just register to become a love ambassador at

You’ll be among a sweet sisterhood of kind-hearted women all supporting each other. Plus, you’ll be the first to know once the app is released so you can get access to a free and easy way to give a shout out to the moms and other peeps in your tribe.


About the author

Kristen Hayes, Founder of Love Shout Out
Kristen Hayes believes in the power of love. So much so, that she sold her beloved family home to fund her calling to create a tidal wave of love in the world.
Her audacious mission is to multiply love by encouraging people to love out loud. She's created a platform aptly named Love Shout Out that empowers people to share words of love, encouragement and appreciation with each other via shout out videos.
The unique interface allows people to record themselves sharing heartfelt sentiments of love, congratulations, gratitude and more. The videos can then easily be shared by text, email, or through social media.
Why share words of love and positive messages?
Kristen explained that she’s alarmed by ever rising rates in suicide and depression. While we’re more connected in our digital age than ever before, the overwhelming evidence is that people are feeling more isolated and lonely suffering from feelings of disconnect.
She felt compelled to do something to help uplift lives. She believes that to get to the heart of the matter, we need to communicate more words of love, appreciation and support for one another.
Her idea is to spread love, joy and hope by having people love out loud. “Love is the answer to every question and our entire purpose for being.” says Kristen. “The best way to experience love is to SHARE love!”
We hope you’re inspired to get in on the tidal wave of love! Share words of gratitude, encouragement, and congratulations with the people in your life! If you do it on social media, use the hashtag #loveshoutout
Together we can change the world with love! Watch for the Love Shout Out app coming to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in May 2018.

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