Guidelines for Submitting Your Inspiration Warrior Story

We would love to hear your story! 

There are people around the world that needs to hear your story. They may be going through a similar challenge or know someone that is. You can become that inspiration for them and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Be that Inspiration Warrior for them.

Unfortunately, not every story can be published. If your story does get selected, we will inform you through email :) 

# 1 Rule is no "woe is me" or "victim" stories. The point of sharing an Inspiration Warrior story is to provide hope and ideas to those that can relate to your story. We want to hear what happened AND how you overcame that challenge. 

The story must be true. No fairy tales or stretching of the truth. It won't benefit others to read a false story.


1. Written stories should be no longer than 1,500 words, proofread and easy to read. It would be easiest on us if you copy and pasted the story right into the email.


Videos should be no longer that 4 minutes and should be edited and ready to go. (Optional) It would help us if the video came with a summary of roughly 500 words. 

2. Please no soliciting. 

3. Photos can be submitted and will be considered. 

4. Stories can be sent with

SUBJECT LINE: Submitting Inspiration Warrior Story


5. Stories are subject to edits. 


Looking forward to reading your story!


♥ Honey Butter Company's Awesome Team