Our Story

Hey fabulous,

Thanks for getting to know us. I'd like to share a bit of my personal story with you, if you would care to read on. 

Let's start with 2017.

I started the year out homeless. My ex-husband and I split up and because we were in such financial hardship, we didn't have money to split. I sold nearly all my furniture and most belongings that I had, so that I would be able to provide a roof over my head for my dog and myself.

I ended up renting the cheapest Air BnBs around. It was quite difficult to find a cheap place that would allow a husky in their home.

I struggled around, doing Uber Eats with the dog for a while.  The first place I rented was a mini one bedroom home in Lake Elsinore, CA for $30 a night. Great while it lasted, but there wasn't much Uber Eats to do in Lake Elsinore, so the money started drying up...fast. 

I made my way back to Orange County, but the rooms for rent was no where under $50 a night. That just wasn't plausible at the time. What was I to do? Well, sleep in the car. Yup, the dog and I slept in the car. It was us against the world. 

Things started to pick up. I got a call for an amazing position with a company that I loved. Once that happened, I was able to rent out rooms again. After a while, it was still inconvenient to move constantly. My mom had been wanting to bond more, help and she's a nice person. So, I tried it. Needless to say, that didn't work out well. 

After about two months, I found a temporary room to rent with some college students. The cost was still too high for me, even with working my full-time job. That's when my best friend and I decided to rent the room together. Two of us, plus a dog in one room. All I can say...cramped.

Neither of us had real beds, so we slept on memory foam toppers, but we were grateful to have a roof over our heads. 

Life was starting to pick up. Still difficult, but I was able to start saving a little bit and even travel. 

And we all know, once we start thinking we have a routine going, there's usually a shift. My shift? Well... I found out I was pregnant. Yes, that happened. It was quite the shock. After the shock (that lasted days), I told the dad (who was my best friend that I was rooming with). Then, he went into shock (his shock period lasted a bit longer than mine ;) ).

After three horrible months of morning sickness, stress and frustrations, we saved up enough money to move into an apartment.

It seemed like the apartment was the magic key. Once we move in, things started to look even brighter. My morning sickness was gone, we were happier, the dog got to feel safe again by having her own territory to look after. 

Now, I don't want you to think from my story that it was all a low point for me. I did some really amazing things in 2017 that I had never gotten to do before. 

I got to work at a great company as an independent contractor, so I was able to work from anywhere I was and set my own hours. 

I went to Vegas 3 times, Big Bear and New York for the first time that year.

I got to meet some amazing people that have turned into life long friends.

I got my motorcycle license, which was a huge deal for me. 


Skipping ahead to 2018

My amazing bundle of joy was born. Happy baby girl, Kaira.

Everything was going great with Kaira until the unimaginable happened when she was 2 months old, we ended up at the ER. 

Kaira and I spent 6 weeks in the hospital. She had two strokes, seizures and a whole variety of symptoms a baby shouldn't have to endure.

We would leave the hospital and end up right back. 

Now, she's getting better and better everyday. She's such a survivor and she's meant to live life to the fullest. And of course, I'm helping her with that!


Where am I now?

I'm a single mama with a baby and a husky.  I am super excited about life and Honey Butter Company!

This is my heart project. I love the direction it's going and the message that we're bringing out to the world. 

One of my biggest influence is Louise Hay and the whole Hay House team. They inspire me and countless others. I would like to be that type of inspiration to others and contribute back to the universe. My days just keep getting better and better. 

During all the turbulence, I needed to keep myself motivated and keep my positive energy. Needless to say, it wasn't easy. I know first hand that life can throw us curve balls and sometimes we could use some help to roll with it. That's one of the reasons why I want to spread the Inspiration Warrior cause. 

We all go through our own challenges at different times in our lives. There's no comparisons of who's life is more difficult. It's a matter of helping each other through it and pulling each other out of the ditch. Please help us spread the Inspiration Warrior cause. You never now who will appreciate you for it. 

Wishing you the most love, thank you for reading and sharing in the cause.


Stay fabulous,


Founder of Honey Butter Company