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Tip is a compassionate, inspirational, direct and understanding reader. Tip is highly intuitive and speaks from the heart. She believes that everyone can find their purpose, meaning, reason and value through spirituality as one of their vehicles. Tarot is a vehicle used to tune into a higher frequency and explore the answers that (in a way), we already know. 

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What is Email tarot reading?

Email tarot readings can answer 1-3 question you may have about your path. The least amount of questions, the more Tip will be able to expand.

Your email tarot reading is approximately 800-1200 words. It's great for those on the go, those that are visual learners and those that prefer for Tip to take more time on a read and interpretation of a read.

Email tarot readings will generally be sent 24 hours after the order is placed, except in the rare occassion of illness.

how do i schedule when i book online?

All sessions are prepaid before scheduling. Once your order is placed, you will receive an email asking you for your preferred times and dates.

Please send a couple different availabilities as Tip's schedule also becomes full. We'll email or text you confirming dates and times.

Most session bookings will be 24-72 hours of your booking.

If you need an immediate reading, try our email tarot reading.

How do i know what questions to ask?

There are many ways to ask for guidance.

Start by picking out a subject such as love, career, health, finances, etc.

Next, pick specific questions in the subject. For example, if you picked career, one of your questions can be - what do I do to progress my career?

You also can ask for more of a general overview. For the best results, make sure it's focused on yourself.

If you are having trouble with this, Tip can help you phrase your question in the most effective way to ask.